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5 Ideas to Elevate the Look of Your Concrete Patio

Concrete patios are a staple of outdoor living spaces, offering durability and versatility that makes them a popular choice for homeowners. Although concrete is a great material for patios, occasionally it can look drab and uninviting. However, you can improve the appearance of your concrete patio and turn it into a lovely outdoor oasis with a little ingenuity and creativity. We’ll look at five suggestions in this blog post to help you upgrade your patio.

1. Add Color with Staining

Concrete patios are frequently stained to add color and personality. Staining adds a permanent color that won’t fade or peel over time, as opposed to painting, which only coats the concrete’s surface. You can choose a stain’s color to complement the exterior and setting of your home because they come in a wide range of hues. Additionally, you can combine different stains to make your patio look completely different.

Giving your patio a new look with staining is a great way to do so on a budget. It’s also an environmentally friendly choice because it doesn’t call for the use of fresh materials.

2. Install Pavers or Tiles

Consider installing pavers or tiles if you want to give your concrete patio a touch of elegance. Pavers can be found in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are made from a variety of materials, including natural stone, concrete, and brick. On the other hand, tiles come in a variety of designs and colors and are made of ceramic or porcelain.

Your concrete patio can be instantly updated by laying pavers and tiles directly over it. They’re a great long-term investment because they’re also simple to install and require little maintenance.

3. Incorporate Decorative Concrete

If homeowners want to give their patios more texture and interest, decorative concrete is a great choice. To replicate real stone, brick, or tile, decorative concrete can be scored, textured, or stamped. If you want to give your patio a special, customized look, you can also add decorative aggregates like glass or stone.

Concrete that is decorative is a strong, long-lasting option that needs little upkeep. It’s also customizable, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind patio that’s tailored to your tastes and preferences.

4. Add Greenery with Planters

Adding plants to your patio is a great way to create a natural, relaxing atmosphere. Planters are a great alternative, though, if you’re short on space or concerned about damaging your concrete. You can choose planters that complement the design of your patio because they come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

A living wall, which is a vertical garden attached to the wall of your patio, can also be made using planters. Living walls are excellent for small patios because they don’t take up much room and are simple to care for.

5. Create a Focal Point with a Fire Pit

A fire pit is an excellent way to create a focal point on your patio and make it a gathering place for friends and family. Fire pits come in a variety of styles, including gas-powered and wood-burning options. They’re also customizable, allowing you to choose a design that fits your patio’s aesthetic.

In addition to providing warmth and light, fire pits also add an element of ambiance to your patio. They’re perfect for cool evenings and can extend your patio’s use into the fall and winter months.


You don’t have to have a dull concrete patio. You can turn it into a lovely, inviting outdoor area that you’ll love spending time in with a little imagination and ingenuity. There are many ways to improve the appearance of your patio, whether you decide to add color with staining, install pavers or tiles, incorporate decorative concrete, add greenery with planters, or create a focal point with a fire pit.

Before you embark on any patio project, make sure to consult with a professional concrete contractor who can help you select the right materials and designs for your space. Another thing a contractor can do for you is make sure your patio is structurally sound and adheres to all local building regulations.

Your concrete patio can be transformed into an attractive outdoor retreat that you’ll enjoy for many years with a little work and the right advice. Start looking into these options right away to improve the appearance of your patio!

Our owner, Hayden Fussell was born and raised in Brentwood, TN and comes from a lifelong background in construction, landscaping, and hardscaping. He went on to attend the University of Kentucky where he earned his degree in Engineering. To hone his skills, Hayden spent a length of time working for a commercial design-build firm where he was responsible for supervising large-scale concrete construction. To follow the direction of his degree, Hayden moved to a downtown office to work as a construction engineer. However, his passion for working face to face with his clients and “getting his boots dirty” quickly forced him back to the field. Later he went on to work for a local residential home builder here in Middle Tennessee. Hayden saw a vast difference in quality control and means of production between the residential and commercial markets and thought; “there must be a better way!” So, Hayden took the next step and founded Kingdom Come Concrete LLC where his sole aim is to deliver each and every client with an exceptional product that is built to last and done right the first time.

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