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Foundation Installation

Our team offers reliable slab-on-grade/floating foundation installation services for commercial projects. These slabs are particularly popular in warmer climates, and can be a cost effective option for large commercial building projects. Slab-on-grade concrete foundations require strict tolerances and leave little room for error. Hiring a reliable professional is a must.

Suspended Slabs

Foundation Installation

Many commercial concrete contractors will not take on suspended concrete foundation installation projects. However, at Kingdom Come Concrete, these are our specialty. If you’re looking for a dependable, licensed, and insured contractor to help with multi-level concrete installation, we have you covered. From prep, to pumping, to finishing, our team does it all.


Aesthetic Concrete Slabs

If you’re looking to add some style without compromising function for your next commercial project, stamped or decorative concrete may be a great choice. Kingdom Come Concrete offers many options when it comes to stamp design, color, finish, and more. Sometimes large scale gray concrete projects can look boring or redundant. Many builders choose decorative concrete to add some character to the project that they are working on.

Parking Lots

Turnkey Installation

This is a large scale parking lot that we completed for gas station in Tennessee. Our team worked diligently to complete this commercial project on-time and on-budget. If you’re looking for a reliable company to call when you need a large parking lot poured, reach out to us at Kingdom Come Concrete.


Combined & Isolated

Concrete footings are arguably the most important part of any building project. They also require a tremendous amount of planning and execution. Our team offers combined footings and isolated commercial footings as shown in the picture here. Our owner, Hayden, has a depth of experience in commercial building, and looks forward to working with you on your next project.


Commercial Use Flatwork

Basic flatwork is our specialty at Kingdom Come Concrete. We build dynamic slabs for any need, and make sure that we also follow building codes and specifications. ADA compliance ramps, regular flatwork, and loading docks are all things we can handle.

Curbing & Gutter

Curb & Gutter Professionals

Curb and gutter plays an important role in a commercial property’s infrastructure, especially when it comes to water drainage and planning. Our owner, Hayden, will help you every step of the way when planning your next big expansion or project. Concrete curb and gutter is a necessity for almost any majoy building project.

Laser Screeding

Unmatched Accuracy

Kingdom Come Concrete offers laser screeding services for large residential projects and commercial projects in Middle Tennessee. Laser screeding greatly increases flatness, accuracy, and efficiency. You can count on our team to deliver top notch results due to our top of the line equipment and training.

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